Saturday, May 17, 2014

Painting updates and exhibition dates...

Hello All,
I am back again to update on the many things that have been happening since the year turned. Forst of all we survived the winter of 2013. Holy moly what a season...4 full cords of wood into the wood stove and a shiver through my soul on a daily basis. The paint was stiff and the drying time was a weird one. At any rate here we are and the county is awakening at a supersonic rate. 
We have been featured in a bunch of local and national news articles and I have to thank The Wellington Times and The Globe and Mail Explore Ontario section this past week. 
The StudioHousePEC has awoken from the winters chill to a successful opening exhibition by Peter Rotter and we are about to hang Richard Ahnert's Exhibition today with a 6pm opening reception this evening.
I have an exhibition now hanging at one of the county's premiere vineyards with an amazing selection of vino grown here in Hillier. The County in a bottle for sure. Closson Chase Vineyards will host my opening Sunday May 18 2-4pm so if you can make it out it would be great to see you. A complimentary tasting goes to you as well...

So as for upcoming exhibitions I am currently hanging at 
Kingston Glass and Studio Gallery in Kingston (until June 3)
Closson Chase Vineyards (until May 30)
I am potentially showing at the McMichael Collection Volunteer sale again but yet to be determined. Wallspace Gallery in Ottawa (August/September)
And more to stay tuned.

Dont forget to LIKE and check out StudioHousePEC , and Rebecca's new venture here in the County 
PICNICpec... a new food truck serving up LOCAL, HEALTHY, GOURMET sandwiches and salads.

Thanks for following along and I look forward to seeing you at the next show.