Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UrbanManipulation_A Kingston Exhibition

 OPENING RECEPTION Saturday Mar 24th. Artists in Attendance.
The exhibition OPENS Saturday Mar 17th and runs into May. I will be at the Opening Reception on the 24th...please come down and say hello. I dropped my paintings off last weekend and got a chance to meet Mischka and see his glasswork. Pretty amazing stuff. The Glassworks Studio and Gallery seems to be the only real gallery space left in my hometown and i hope people get down to attend the openings. There are some great painters in Kingston on top of the amazing glasswork artists. I am only now getting a taste of what the city is missing in terms of its arts community. I would love to see one day where we see a contemporary gallery for fine arts in Kingston again. Wellington Street Gallery has left for Toronto, Edward Day Gallery was one of the first, and Macklin Gallery has seemed to drop the ball on what should have been a prominent leader in connecting the arts to the downtown core. But we need the community to come out to the openings...and hope that a few buy a few pieces from time to time to show that this kind of venue has a life in Kingston.
Paul Robert Turner, Su Sheedy, Cameron Tomsett, Daniel Hughes, Sue Langlois, Pauline Conley, Don Maynard, Simon Andrew, Bonnie Brooks, Tammy Shane, Heather Haynes...
These are my favorites. Please check them out and find out where they are showing next. Although most of us are up in Toronto, its always great to show around our hometown.
Feed back is welcome...

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